Adaptable Option Demos

When you create an instance of AdapTable you will create an AdaptableOptions object.

This has a very large number of properties which allow you complete control over how you set up your AdapTable instance, and we have used many of them in the demos above (e.g. the Audit Log demo in the Admin section).

This section contains a series of demos each of which highlights a different property in AdaptableOptions.

These include:

  • Ignore Case in Queries: By default case is ignored when running queries against string columns but you can change this behaviour
  • Vendor Grid Filters: You can use the agGrid Floating Filter and Filter Form if you wish instead of AdapTable Quick Filter and Filter Form respectively
  • Auto Apply Filters: In Column Filters the default is to filter each time a value in the dropdown is clicked. But if you prefer, you can apply the filters only after an "Apply" button is clicked (useful if doing server side filtering).
  • Quick Search Columns: Provide a function which will specify if some columns should be excluded from Quick Search results.
  • Expanded Row Groups: Layouts can save which Row Groups are currently expanded - and load them when the Grid next opens.
  • Custom Function Names: Provide an alternative name for an AdapTable Function to be used instead of the default one
  • Mac Like Scrollbars: When running AdapTable on Windows make the scrollbars appear much thinner (as on a Mac).
  • Application Icon: Provide an icon for your app which will appear in the Dashboard and elsewhere
Click on the buttons below to see the Adaptable Options demos.
Ignore Case in Queries Demo
Vendor Grid Filters Demo
Auto Apply Filters Demo
Quick Search Columns Demo
Expanded Row Groups Demo
Custom Function Names Demo
Mac Like Scrollbars Demo
Application Icon Demo