AdaptableState Demos

One of the key functionalities offered by AdapTable is User State Management. This takes 2 forms:

  • Predefined Config - State created by Developers at Design Time and shipped with Adaptable for first-time use.
  • Saving State - managing changes made to state at Run Time and storing it for future use
Predefined Config

Typically you will ship your AdapTable instance with Predefined Configuration so that your users open their application at first use and see it pre-loaded with Searches, Styles, Edit Rules, Reports etc that match their needs.

It can also include Application Data Entries which are bespoke key / value pairs allowing devs to persist their own items in the State.

Saving State

AdapTable automatically saves User State as it changes - meaning that the next time the Application is reloaded, the user sees the same state as on the previous visit.

By default User State gets saved to Local Storage which is how most of the demos on this site work.

However we provide State Options Functions which allow developers to store User State in any location of their choosing.

See the demos below for more information

Predefined Config demo
State Functions demo
Multiple Views demo
Application Data Entries demo