Hot Keys Demo

It is easy to set up 'Hot Key's in Adaptable - whereby you can define actions to be taken in reaction to a given set of keystrokes.

This can be done either through a third party library (like Mousetrap) or through listening to the native 'keydown' event.

In this demo we have set 4 Hot Keys (each of which is tied to a different method in the Adaptable API - there are thousands to choose from! - to perform an action):

  • 'alt+shift+s'- opens the Schedule popup (using Mousetrap)
  • 'alt+shift+c'- opens the Calculated Column popup (using Mousetrap)
  • 'metaKey+shiftKey+l'- opens the Layout popup (using the keydown event)
  • 'metaKey+shiftKey+q'- opens the Quick Search popup (using the keydown event)

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