ag Grid Features Demos

ag-Grid provides many advanced features for (row and column) grouping, pivoting, tree views and master-detail grids. AdapTable works well for each of these.

  • Row Grouping: AdapTable works fully when the ag-Grid column row grouping functionality is applied.
  • Column Grouping: AdapTable works fully when the ag-Grid column banding (grouping) functionality is applied.
  • Pivoting: AdapTable enables you to create layouts that take pivoting into account.
  • Master Detail: AdapTable supports Master / Detail grids where the underlying vendor grid offers it.
  • Tree Data View: AdapTable supports ag-Grid Tree Views with all standard filtering and styling functionality included.
  • Row Selection: AdapTable fires an event each time the cell or row selection changes. This includes full detials of the cells and rows selected.
  • Fixed Column: Create some columns to be fixed in place
  • Community Version: Running AdapTable only using the ag-Grid Community version
Click on the buttons below to see a demo for each administrative task.
Row Grouping Demo
Column Grouping Demo
Pivoting Demo
Master Detail Demo
Tree Data View Demo
Row Selection Demo
Fixed Column Demo
Community Version Demo