Alerts and Messages Demos

AdapTable lets you send and receive messages.

  • Basic Alerts: Use a Predicate to be notified as soon as data changes that you need to know about.
  • Advanced Alerts: Write an Expression to create an Alert.
  • Observable Alerts: Create an Alert that will react to changes (or lack of changes) in data over time
  • Aggregation Alerts: Alerts can be triggered based on given data set - enables Limits watching
  • Validation Alerts: Create rules to prevent (or show warnings) when particular cell edits take place. These will run on the client.
  • Overwrite Alerts: Create an Alert which provides users with the opportunity to provide a different, validated value when an intiial edit fails
  • Flashing Alerts: Have cells flash briefly when their contents change (using colours and duration you specify).
  • Updated Row: Colour (and jump to) rows as they update so you can see which rows have changed.
  • Toast Notifications: You can manage how Toast Notifications will work.
  • Alert Form: Provide a sophisticated form to show in the Notification when an Alert is triggered
  • Alert Actions: Use Alert Actions to configure behaviour when an Alert is triggered
  • System Status: Have your users be notified automatically when something happens to the System (or Server) that they need to know.

Click on the buttons below to see a demo for our Alert and Messaging functions.

Basic Alerts Demo
Advanced Alerts Demo
Observable Alerts Demo
Aggregation Alerts Demo
Validation Alerts Demo
Overwrite Alerts Demo
Flashing Alerts Demo
Updated Row Demo
Toast Notifications Demo
Alert Form Demo
Alert Actions Demo
System Status Demo