Alert Actions Demo

An Alert Notification can contain a sophisticated form with fields, validation, buttons with callbacks etc (see Alert Form Demo).

However an alternative - when a full Form is not required - is to produce a series of Alert Buttons - which are (styleable) buttons hooked up to Alert Actions.

Note: When creating a Form at run-time you can only use Action Buttons.

AdapTable ships with 6 Alert Actions:

  • highlight-cell
  • jump-to-cell
  • jump-to-row
  • jump-to-column
  • undo
  • suspend

You can also define your own via the actionHandlers property of Notification Options , where you provide the handler to be invoked by AdapTable when the button is clicked.

In this demo we have create an Alert which is triggered on any change to the Contact column and displays a form with 2 action buttons:

  • Show Me: attaches to AdapTable's 'highlight-cell' and 'jump-to-cell' Actions and the Custom Action 'email-support'
  • Undo: attaches to AdapTable's 'undo' Action

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