Alert Form Demo

Alert Notifications in Adaptable can also include Forms - which are provided in Alert Config and rendered dynamically when required.

This is the same form as used in the Export Module when exporting data to a Custom Destination.

The Form is defined in Notification Options and referenced by name in Alert Config (as Predefined Config only stores strings and not JavaScript functions which forms can include).

In this example we have provided an Alert which fires whenever the 'ContactName' changes, and the Alert contains a Form with a button.

We have also included logic to say that the Employee will be assigned to 'Robert King' in rows where OrderId > 300; otherwise it will be assigned to 'Paul Andrews'.

Notice how the button label varies based on the row context (as well as the subsequent onClick action). We have added 2 custom buttons which update the first 2 rows to make this easier to demonstrate.

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