Free Text Column Demo

Free Text columns are similar to calculated columns in that they are not part of the Grid's datasource but are created by you and stored with your state.

The difference is that a Free Text column is editable (not derived) and is designed for you to store whatever values you want for each row (typically comments).

A FreeText Column is usually a string, but it has a DataType property that can, alternatively, be set to Number, Boolean or Data; AdapTable will provide an appropriate Cell Editor

Free Text Columns can be provided with a Default Value which will appear if no other value is given

You can provide a Free Text Column with an initial set of values, and then add to them at run-time; they are automatically saved with the user's state and reloaded with the grid.

In this example we created 3 Free Text Columns:

  • Comments: together with 3 initial comments. No DataType was provided so it uses the default of String
  • OrderCode: of type Number and with a default value of 123
  • LastSpoken: of type Date (see how a Date Picker appears when you edit the Column)

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