Dashboard Buttons Demo

The ModuleButtons property of Dashboard Predefined Config allows you to specify which Module buttons are visible in the Dashboard Header.

By default, AdapTable will show the 'SystemStatus', 'GridInfo', 'Layout' and 'ConditionalStyle' icons, but any array can provided (or any empty array to display none).

In this example we have set the 'BulkUpdate', 'SmartEdit', 'Alert' and 'Schedule' buttons to be visible.

The Quick Search texbox enables you to quickly search the grid; set showQuickSearchInHeader to false in Dashboard Options if you don't want this to be visible.

The 'Configure Dashboard' option in the main Menu allows you configure the Dashboard including which Module Buttons to display.

Note: You can also include custom buttons in the Dashboard by populating the customDashboardButtons property in Dashboard Options - see the Custom Buttons demo

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