Custom Toolbars Demo

The Dashboard includes a Custom Toolbars collection to enable users to render their own content, and AdapTable will manage toolbar visibility as part of User State.

Each Custom Toolbar contains 2 'Divs', in order to cater for a different use case:

  1. Pre-populate the Toolbar with Button definitions (as part of Dashboard State); when a button is clicked the ToolbarButtonClicked event is fired.
    Note that you can styled the buttons individually (as we have done in all 3 custom toolbars), and you can add a custom icon.
  2. Render the Toolbar with any bespoke, custom, content that is required; simply listen to the ToolbarVisibilityChanged event and when the Toolbar becomes visible, render any content.

Each Custom Toolbar has 2 optional display properties:

  • Title: if set, this will display at the bottom of the Toolbar
  • ShowConfigureButton: if set to true, this will display a button with a 'wrench' icon' - when the button is clicked the CustomToolbarConfigured event is fired.

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