Custom Toolbars Demo

The Dashboard can be configured to display Custom Toolbars, where users can render their own bespoke content

Custom Toolbars are provided through Dashboard Options and AdapTable will manage toolbar visibility as part of User State.

Each Custom Toolbar contains 2 'Divs', in order to cater for a different use case:

  1. Pre-populate the Toolbar with Adaptable Button definitions. Note that you can style the buttons individually (as we have done in all 3 custom toolbars), and you can add a custom icon.
  2. Render the Toolbar with any bespoke, custom, content that is required (with different implementations for core and the React and Angular Wrappers).

Each Custom Toolbar has 3 optional display properties:

  • title: if set, this will display at the bottom of the Toolbar
  • showConfigureButton: if set to true, this will display a button with a 'wrench' icon' - when the button is clicked the CustomToolbarConfigured event is fired.
  • showCloseButton: if set to true, this will display a button that closes the Toolbar if clicked.
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