Custom Destination Demo

AdapTable lets users send reports to these destinations: Excel, CSV, JSON and Clipboard.

However sometimes developers might want to add additional destinations such as particular REST endpoints, or by email. This can be done as follows:

  1. Add the destination to the CustomDestinations section of Export State
  2. Provide an implementation of the Custom Export Destination UserFunction to be called whenever that destination has been specified
  3. In that function to provide whatever custom code is required to send the report - the function receives the Report and the Report Data

If other information is needed you can provide custom field definitions and AdapTable will dynamically display a form accordingly and send the results in theCustomExportDestinationFunction.

In this example we have created 2 Custom Destinations - for both we simply output the report data to the console in the Custom Export Destination UserFunction handler:

  • Email - which also contains Form Data and default form values
  • REST Endpoint - which has no form data

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