Quick Filter Bar Demo

The Quick Filter Bar lies beneath the Column Header, providing a shortcut to creating Column Filters manually in the filter dropdown

For example, typing 's' in the Quick Filter Bar will create a Column Filter of [Column] contains 's'.

There are a number of wildcards that you can use to speed up your search as follows:

  • Numeric Columns: Standard wildcards (ie. >, ≤, <, ≥, =) and a few others (e.g. ':' is between as in '5:100', or '<>' is not equals)
  • Text Columns: Wildcards include '*' for StartsWith (e.g. 'f*'), '%' for Contains (e.g. 'd%'), '!' for NotContains (e.g. '!r') and '=' for Equals
  • Date Columns: None at present but coming in a version soon.
  • Boolean Columns: 1, 'y', 't' all equal to True, 0, 'f', 'n' all equal to False - test it below in the Is Valid Column
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