Grid Gurus

In developing AdapTable, the Adaptable Tools Development Team learned everything there is to know (and more!) about all the DataGrids that we support, including the hugely popular AG Grid.

We researched multiple set up and configuration options, the different ways to get data into the grid, the various display modes, when and whether to use server or client, when to group, aggregate or pivot, how best to update data and much more.

Through the AdapTable Tools Grid Gurus' Service you can deploy that unrivalled knowledge alongside your own team to help shape DataGrid projects and ensure that they meet your requirements as cost and time-effectively as possible. Adaptable Tools’ Grid Gurus can work on-site or off-site to set up your Grid in a bespoke fashion so that it has optimal alignment to your use cases.

This is particularly important at the start of the project when making the right architectural and design decisions can save money, time and support heartache down the line...

  • Ask the Experts: At Grid Gurus we receive lots of DataGrid related questions - here we list some which we think others will find of interest
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