Adaptable partners with many of the other leading FinTechs who are revolutionising the desktop. This section (under development) will show some of the work we do in this regard.

Our partnerships include:

  • ipushpull: Export AdapTable data to Excel (with Live Updates) or Symphony and elsewhere by using the services of our partner ipushpull
  • Glue42: AdapTable integrates very closely with Glue42 so that your Grids and Blotters communicate with other widgets including Excel (with 2-way validated updates).
  • OpenFin: If you are using this popular container we offer "Live Updates" so that data exported to Excel updates in real time as AdapTable data ticks or is edited
  • Finsemble: We leverage the powerful offering to enable multiple AdapTable instances to share state, data and events
ipushpull Demo
Glue42 Demo
OpenFin Demo
Finsemble Demo