ipushpull / AdapTable Demo

If you want to share your AdapTable reports more widely, (e.g. with Symphony chat correspondents or you want to collobarate via Excel) then you can do so via our partner ipushpull.

If you are an existing ipushpull user, then simply install the ipushpull plugin in the 'plugins' section of Adaptable Options.

This requires an IPushPullPluginOptions object which will include your credentials and other relevant information.

To export data you first need to login using your ipushpull username and password (which you can supply in IPushPullPluginOptions together with an auto login option).

Then select a report - using either System Reports or those you have created via the Export function - and choose the ipushpull folder / page which should display this data.

You can either export a 'Snapshot' (one-off) report, or stream a 'Live Report' to ipushpull so that as your grid ticks, data displayed in ipushpull will be automatically updated.

There are also option to add new ipushpull pages and create schedules (reports that run at specific times) and more functionality will be added in the near future.

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