AdapTable runs in the Broswer or Electron with all functionality available for users (depending on their Entitlements).

However if you are running AdapTable inside the popular OpenFin container then you get some extra features which we have added that take advantage of the many benefits that OpenFin brings.

One of these is Live Updates. When running in OpenFin if you export data to Excel, then any changes made to your data in AdapTable (either user edits or ticking data changes) are immediately reflected in Excel also.

Try it for yourself: Run OpenFin to see AdapTable running inside OpenFin and then export data to Excel.

(The link will download the OpenFin installer - click the exe to run this demo page inside OpenFin. It will also create a shorcut in your windows menu under 'Adaptable Tools').

Alternatively watch the video below to see how OpenFin and AdapTable work together.