Team Sharing

Team Sharing allows users to share - at run-time - Adaptable Objects between colleagues.

It is designed for use cases where the same, newly-created Adaptable Object (e.g. a Layout, Conditional Style, Report etc.) will be required by multiple users.

Each shared object can be either a Snapshot (i.e. a one-off operation) or Active (all instances stay linked).

  • Snapshot: Dynamically share Adaptable Objects you create at run-time with other team members and colleagues.
  • Active Share: Create a Live Share so that any changes made to a Shared Object are immediately available to everyone
Click on the buttons below to see a demo for some of the different Team Sharing options available.

Note: In these examples we use a Firebase database in order to best demonstrate Team Sharing but you can use whichever storage location you want - AdapTable will neither know nor care.

Snapshot Demo
Active Share Demo